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Handcrafted angel wings!

The perfect gift to send the love, hope, and support of a guardian angel to someone in need.

Unique & one-of-a-kind! From the sculpting of the wings, the paint strokes, to

the final glass-like glaze…every angel is beautifully handcrafted, crystallized, and numbered, giving you a heartfelt work of art!

Made in the USA

The Story (Summary) behind Angels of heART

We can't always immediately know our purpose in life, but the journey to that purpose is full of lessons, people, signs, and stories. I wish there were a way to truly summarize the details on how these angel wings came into my life. I promise you, the story is as tragic as it is magical. My Angels of Heart creations are an incarnation of that journey. Every feather I found, all the other crazy signs, and people who crossed my path during this journey has a message for me. If you open your heart to receive the messages meant for you, you can do AMAZING things. I know my own Angels sent these beautiful pieces of art to my soul so I can help people heal, feel joy, love, comfort and find peace within themselves. Always believe in your Wings.

Love, Kelley