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“The Story behind Angels of HeART”

 Signs from an Angel

On June 28, 2015, tragedy struck my boyfriend’s family as his sister Dr. Teresa Sievers became the headline of every news channel. Reaching across the US from local stations in Florida to Good Morning America, the story was, and still is covered on a regular basis. While the detail of Teresa’s murder is something that interests many people, I want to focus on the positive, selfless, brilliant person she was and the signs she sends from heaven. In the short time she was here on earth, her accomplishments were anything but ordinary.  While donating countless hours to charity work, she quickly rose to the top of her field in integrative and functional medicine. She wanted to see people heal inside and out; mentally, physically and spiritually. In an article published in the May 2015 issue of the E Bella Magazine, Teresa shared this insight: “You can eat the best diet, take the best supplements and do the best workouts but if you are holding onto toxic emotions in your subconscious, your healthful lifestyle will only work for so long. To reach true healing, you have to journey inward and listen to the answers, even if you don’t like what you hear. Ultimately all of us are in charge of our healing and our healing occurs at the pace with which we are ready to make the changes; it’s a journey not a destination”. 

What she left behind. The two young daughters she left behind truly have something special about them. Knowing all that they have had to endure and watching how they’ve handled this situation with so much strength and maturity beyond their years, you can’t help but recognize they are Teresa’s baby girls. They have unique personalities with generous hearts, beauty, and intelligence like their mother. During the memorial service in Florida, Teresa’s 11 year old daughter stood behind a podium at the Unity Church in front of 450 mourners and gave a speech that was so heartfelt and eloquent; there wasn’t a dry eye in the Church. In one excerpt she said, “I know mommy was here because there was a grey and white feather on our doorstep”. Little did I know that statement was a message and the beginning of my journey.

Signs, signs, everywhere there are signs. I learned that Teresa loved to go to the beach and put her feet in the sand, to ground all her negative energy. When Frank and I returned home to NJ from the services, we went to the beach to ground ourselves. I faced him as he looked out at the ocean, both of us trying to make sense of what had happened. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw something fluttering, circling my head towards Frank. It completed its circle around him and finally came to rest on his shoulder. I immediately reached out, not needing to answer Frank’s question of what it was. I lifted my hand and showed him the grey and white feather. As the weeks went by, many grey and white feathers blessed our path, letting us know, Teresa was there. In August that year, I went to visit my friends in Georgia. We went out shopping and I felt a presence with me. I began getting a patchwork of ideas for my art but couldn’t give them a form. For those who are creative, you can understand what I mean when I say, “I had artist brain” that day. As we went store to store, there were little signs. Finally, we walked into this very special store that was started by two amazing sisters with a great story. While one of the owners was talking with my friend I walked around looking at the inspirational, fun merchandise they had for sale. I was surrounded by quotes about angels, pictures of feathers, hearts, and very spiritual things, all filled with love and hope. Then I came upon a spoon that had been metal tapped with the word, “DILL”. I just chuckled because the signs were getting stronger. “DILL” happens to be the nickname of two other amazing sisters, Teresa and her sister Annie. I had to buy it for Annie as I knew this was meant for her. As all of this was happening, my mind exploded with ideas and what I wanted to create began to form. When I paid the owner for this special spoon, she held out her hand to collect my money and there it was, a grey and white feather tattoo’d on the inside of her forearm from her wrist to her elbow. My mouth dropped open, I got goosebumps all over and I was speechless. At that very moment the message was screaming at me that my purpose in life was about to unfold! The next morning we had coffee on my friend’s sun porch and I asked for a piece of paper. The flood gates opened and in a half hour all of those patchwork art ideas became crystal clear and I knew what I was supposed to create.

The Angels. I flew back to NJ with my sketch on scrap paper and immediately got to work. Within a week Angels of HeART was born. Angels of HeART are handcrafted angel wings on a wood canvas. Each angel wing is unique and one-of-a-kind from the cutting of the wood, the sculpting of the wings, the paint strokes, the message, to the glass-like glaze and crystal placed on each halo. Once completed they are numbered and signed giving you a heartfelt work of art with a purpose! What I did not know about my little inspirational, comforting, loving, spiritual, energy filled, angel wings is the powerful impact they would have on so many people. I’ve seen tears roll down faces as they hold one of the angel wings knowing it touched their heart in some way. And I’ve had the honor of listening to personal stories shared by both men and woman, some of which are filled with sadness and tragedy and some filled with love and happiness.

Along this journey I realized that these angel wings were sent to me to follow in the footsteps of our angel Teresa and continue giving back, helping people heal through the beauty of art.


Believe in Your Wings,