• Quote Angels ~ "Hope"


    The love of an angel is pure and eternal. That’s why my Angels of Heart wooden angel wings plaques make such incredible gifts for loved ones and inspirational reminders in the home. Each angel wing is handmade start to finish and packaged with TLC.

    How they're made:

    Step 1: I start each piece by cutting wood to size then priming and prepping for the perfect foundation.

    Step 2: SCULPTING! Every angel wing is hand sculpted so that no two are exactly alike, just like a snowflake.

    Step 3: Once dry, the angel wings are painted and given their inspirational message or your custom quote / name. 

    Step 4: Welcome to the glazing phase which creates a glass-like finish and forms their characters, making each one special. One of my favorite parts of the process is pulling them out of the racks after they're completed and dry to see their uniqueness. Some wings may have little personality cracks and some will turn out perfectly smooth, embrace it...that's their "character" coming out! 

    Step 5: Signed, numbered, and bracketed. Next to my signature on the back you'll notice a number...I have been consecutively numbering these angel wings from the very first one I ever created back in August of 2015.

    Step 6: Package details...When you receive your angel wings they will be packaged in a chiffon, drawstring pouch, along  with the story behind the angels and my bio...making it a heartfelt work of art!

    How long does it take?

    Approximately 10-21 days.

    *During off season it could be a little less than 10 days. **Peak show season (starts September thru December) 3-4 weeks

    Need something in a rush?

    I have lots of angels in stock that may work for your needs. Give me a call and I can let you know what I have available.

    Do I customize?

    Absolutely! Call or email with your request.

    Thank you for your support. Believe in Your Wings!