"Faith" Angel Wing Art


Believe in "Faith"...this original piece of artwork will be a heartfelt, energy filled, impactful addition to your home!

The gallery angel collection is a true work of original art. Created on canvas, everything is handcrafted. From the texture preparation of the canvas, the sculpting of the wings, the paint strokes, to the final glass-like glaze…every angel is signed by the artist and ready to hang, giving you a heartfelt piece of art. You’ll be able to feel the energy.

This piece is a beautiful hue of beige and gold with soft white brush strokes going through the piece and accents of blues in the wings.

The artistic decisions of the glaze give each angel a character of its own. So if you see a little love crack or a spot left unglazed...know that I, or the magic of the glaze and the wings did that on purpose. One of my favorite things that complete these sweet angels, are the crystals I place on the halo and throughout the piece to add that perfect sparkle touch.

This work of art measures 12" x 16" x .75"

I know you will love the wings from Angels of heART. Should you have any questions please call me direct @ 732-228-3007


Believe in Your Wings,