• Cancer Ribbon Angels ~ "Breast Cancer Awareness"


    "God Grant me the Serenity". Inspired by the love of a guardian angel! These heartfelt angel wings are sure to make an impact.

    Angels of heart are unique & one-of-a-kind! Created on a wood canvas, everything is handcrafted. From the cut of the wood, the sculpting of the wings, the paint strokes, to the final glass-like glaze…every angel is handcrafted and numbered, giving you a heartfelt work of art. Every angel is filled with a comforting energy.

    The artistic decisions of the glaze give each angel a character of its own. So if you see a little love crack or a spot left unglazed...know that I did that on purpose. One of my favorite things that complete these sweet angels, is the crystal I place on the halo to add that perfect sparkle touch.


    Angels of heART can be made-to-order per your color and word requests!


    *This angels measures 4.5 x 6 x 1" (available in other sizes)

    **Colors may appear "slightly" different then the photo.

    ***If this angel is in stock it will ship immediately, otherwise give me 7-10 days to get one created just for you!

    ****I know you will love Angels of heART. Should you have any questions please call me direct @ 732-228-3007

    Believe in Your Wings,